Review: The Dance Begins by Diane Chamberlain

The Dance Begins by Diane Chamberlain

St. Martin’s Press, August 2015

My Review (4 Stars: Liked it a lot!)

The Dance Begins by Diane Chamberlain is a short story prequel to her novel: Pretending to Dance.  It is less than 60 minutes long.  I enjoyed reading this short story while waiting for two appointments during a single day.  It made for a pleasant day.

I assume we are introduced to some of the characters in Pretending to Dance:  Graham who has multiple sclerosis, his six year-old daughter Molly, his wife Nora,  some others in his extended family and there are hints about another character Amalia who Graham is very close to.

The Dance Begins begins with Graham’s dream to dance with his daughter.  Even though this story is short, I felt the ending completed the story well. (Kindle or Nook version currently available for $0.99.)

First Paragraph

“Morrison Ridge, North Carolina


In the dream, he danced with his six-year-old daughter.  Her small bare feet were on his shoes, the toes curled as she gripped him like a little monkey, and he held her hands.  Her dark hair was loose, free of its braids, and she looked up at him with clear blue eyes.  No glasses.  She giggled as he swept her around the living room to Stevie Nicks singing “Stop Draggin’ my Heart Around.”  Even with her feet on his, he moved fluidly, easily.  He was very nearly flying around the room.  It astonished him how easily he moved.  It was a relief.  But then he woke up.”

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I became aware of Pretending To Dance, after reading Kathyrn’s great review @ Book Date.  I have it on my ‘To Read’ list.  Do you?

“Pretending to Dance is a heart wrenching, gut punching, emotionally engaging read.” – Kathryn @ Book Date

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  1. Pat, I’m glad you enjoyed this short story prequel by Diane Chamberlain. Short fiction fits in well when you only have a bit of reading time.


  2. I haven’t read this author in a long while and used to enjoy her books. I need to try these. Hope you have a nice Sunday Pat.


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