SheReads Books of Spring 2016

She Reads will feature these three books through the end of June.  Have you read or are you planning on reading any of these?  Do you have a favorite?

(I am already 2/3rds into “No One Knows” – thumbs up!.)

All of Us and Everything: A Novel by Bridget Asher

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, three generations of Rockwell women sift through their histories—real, imagined, rumored, and written—and discover that, like storms, life is impossible to control.” …

“An entertaining yet astute look at family, self, story, and connections.” – Kirkus Review

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No One Knows by J.T. Ellison

“A woman begins to question everything she thought she knew when signs indicate that her husband, recently declared officially dead, is actually alive.” …

“The unreliable female narrator is all the rage, and Aubrey Hamilton is up there with the slipperiest of them all.” – Kirkus Review

No One Knows by J.T. Ellison
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Who Do You Love: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner

“Andy and Rachel fall in love and fall apart, over and over, in this emotional outing from Weiner (All Fall Down, 2014, etc.).” …

“This moving story of love that spans a lifetime is Weiner at her heartstring-tugging best.” – Kirkus Review

Who Do You Love by Jennifer Weiner
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7 thoughts on “SheReads Books of Spring 2016”

  1. I thought Who Do You Love was fantastic. I hope you enjoy that one. No One Knows wasn’t for me, but I think it was just me – seems like a favorite for many other readers. I have been wanting to read All of Us and Everything – be interested to hear what you think of it! These are great choices for the month. Enjoy!


  2. I’ve chosen to read All of Us and Everything. It sounded like me, the Jennifer Weiner I might get to but didn’t request it, will just buy it if I have time to read it.


  3. The She Reads books for this bunch all look great! All of Us and Everything just arrived in the mail and I am excited to read it!


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